10 Strategies You Should Use to Stick to a Meal Plan

1. It’s Okay to feel hungry

You do not have to feel full all the time that is an overindulgent (voluptuous) luxury. Feeling a little hungry can be great for your focus and brain activity, people who intermittent fast know all about this.

2. Not every meal has to be enjoyable

You eat meals multiple times a day, numerous a week and thousands a year. Eating 1 or 2 meals that aren’t so terribly satisfying or slightly boring should not be a big deal.Good cooked and tasty food is such a luxury so save your enjoyable meals and take the time to enjoy them.

3. Ensure you have the correct Tupperware (food storage available)

“Tupperware and food storage is a critical tool for getting ahead“, – Kai Greene. By being able to cook and store large quantities of food honestly saves you so much time and energy bite the bullet and get large tubs for storage  and smaller appropriate tubs for daily eating

4. Plan and cook in advance for meals on the weekend do not wing it

This is so important! I have seen so many people with perfect plans myself included, ruining everything on the weekend. I got over this by making Thursday or Friday night meal prep night for the weekend. This ensures all your meals for the duration weekend are good to go and you do not have the excuse to tell yourself, “well I’ll have to eat out as I was not prepared“.

Being prepared for the weekend removes the stress you put on yourself to stick to and maintain a healthy diet. If you take one tip from these rules, take this one!

When you are prepared with your food you improve your decision making for meals when you do go out with friends or loved ones. By getting in your prepared meals during the day you will not have the same cravings for sweet, greasy or calorie dense food like we usually do. Hence, you choose better and healthier dinner options that you would prefer to make anyway.

5. Eat carbohydrate foods at night, not in the morning (this includes fruits)

If you eat carbs early on the day your fat-burning hormones stop and you weight gaining hormones fire up.Eating carbs before bed spikes your sleep hormones helping you get a much deeper and higher quality of sleep. Your body uses the carbs to heal your body while you sleep. While you sleep you fast so your body can digest carbs the best at this time. Eat tasty fats throughout the morning and the day to keep you going, eat them carbs at night

6. Fats are your friends

(Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, grass-fed butter, nuts and avocados, fish especially wild salmon and grass-fed beef are key)Stay away from dairy products besides grass-fed butter and Greek yogurt. Dairy is inflammatory. Stay away from all other oils, they are oxidized and broken chemically. This is poison for your cells. This means they promote cancer, make you age and damage your DNA. Grass-fed butter, get it and add it into your diet

7. Getting enough protein in a day is critical

Protein burns body fat and heals your brain, body and connective tissue. Do not ever worry about eating enough protein, you would have to eat so much meat during the day to go over your target, so get it into you.

The more you train the more protein you need, if you are a bodybuilder you would know roughly how much you need.

8. Berries, pineapple and kiwi fruits should be your fruit sources

Low in fructose, high in antioxidants, high in enzymes. These are the fruits you should indulge in your diet

9. The little things count

This point is so important. Whatever diet you have go into it fully and do not hold back and if it is not for you, you will soon find out, but at least you gave it a couple months.Going for walks, stretching, doing something active when you are tired instead of watching T.V. adds up.Watching half and  hour less T.V. a night or a couple times a week has more of an impact than you think. Not missing a meal, or making up for a meal. Pushing your self that little extra in the gym. Making that effort not to cheat on yourself by doing all your exercises and sticking to your cardio goals. Not just having a bite of that or the I worked hard I am going to eat this meal I deserve but I’m going to regret after also add up. Learn and be aware of the little things every time you do that little something that contributes to your goals or says no multiplies your results.You do not have to be perfect but be aware. This leads on to the last point

10. Learn how to say NO and how to eat out (Must read)

This is one of the most important points. When eating out be aware of things like, if it is breakfast do not eat carbs and select the appropriate dishes for your plan for dinner or lunch. Ask your food to be cooked in olive or coconut oil or get a salad.You will be tempted, pursued, peer pressured and guilt-tripped to stuff up your plan by those who aren’t close with you and those who are closest to you.Some people just do not like change and they will notice the change you are marking to improve yourself.

Most of the time unconsciously, people will see this and want to change themselves, but they can’t or do not have the plan and they can make you feel bad.Going to your parents, friends or partners relatives for dinner is a great example of how being guilt-tripped can get you. It is rude to say no to the beautiful food they have made for you, but it would be an absolute cheat to yourself to eat it.

This is a dilemma. This is uncomfortable but you have to say no, do not cheat yourself.I promise you when your friends and family see you making a change at first they may be slightly apprehensive. However, when they see that you are serious about your goals they will support you better than anyone. “Corey Is on a diet?” “Can he eat a steak and salad we can make that for him? “ Yes, aunt Margret I can certainly have a steak and salad serve me up!No matter how much you get pressured eating out make the correct decision and deal with some of the potentially uncomfortable situations.

You have all the time in the world to enjoy delicious meals or food others have cooked for you once you have achieved your health, fitness and weight goals on occasion. Be mindful and give it your best shot! Get good at saying no politely. I promise it will be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself.

Important Words

I have used these rules unconsciously for so long and they have helped me get through so much. They have helped me get to a level of health and body I can be confident in and show off on occasion.

I have passed on these rules to others, some people have lost up to 30 kg by using them and others satisfied with the progression they made. These rules kept them on the tracks and minimized them from slipping. When things got tough they reminded themselves one or two of these rules and pushed through.

If you are starting a diet I hope you seriously take these notes into consideration. If you are experienced to meal plans I hope you have learned something new, you re-learn something you forgot.

I hope this blog sparked some motivation for you.

Biggest love


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