26 Ingredient Shopping List For High Performance


This shopping list is a list I have found that works for me, it is not recommended for everyone. However, if you are someone that wants to improve your health, decrease your inflammation, live longer and also want to spend less on shopping, this list will be perfect for you.

Try using this shopping list and only food in this shopping list for a few weeks and let me know how you go. (boutcore@gmail.com)

If you go food shopping with a specific list you will not look at other ingredients and contemplate spending extra money.

You will also want to eat your food which prevents eating out unnecessarily.

Set yourself a goal and you never know, it might just change your life.

Step 1 remove all the stuff in your pantry and fridge that you do not need.

Step 2 *most important step* get the right food storage containers (3-4 4 L tubs and a few small ones).

Link to download this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1965Jfw5Ht2-1VWD3yStns29bmsb0QdlZv83OCjkxPOs/edit?usp=sharing

Price Benefits

 Less visits to the shops and re-stocking ingredients

– Plenty of ingredients on the list that last a really long time

– You prevent yourself from buying food that you do not need or you think you need

– Less overall food wastage

– Overall increase of health and immune system which equals less money spent on medication and doctor visits

– It may seem like there is some expensive items on the list but you’re only supposed to eat small amounts of them > quality over quantity

– Less effort spent on worrying about food items or forgetting food items

– Food is easier to prepare

I urge you to try one of these experiments:

1. Count every single item in your fridge, freezer and pantry. Add up the total number, total wastage count, total items you do not use or will most not likely use again and the total cost.

2. Price your average shopping list for a month and then add up the potential price of buying just the items on this list.

3. Count the current total number of shopping visits you have made the past month VS the total visits made following this shopping list for a month.

I promise you it will be cheaper and the investment on return is obviously way greater.

Shopping List

,,1. Avocado

Essential fats, fiber, B vitamins, makes you feel full, potassium, folate, energy, lower cholesterol

,,,,2. Salmon

Omega 3’s, essential fats and protein, potassium, selenium, tastes amazing

,,,,3. Barramundi

Low in overall fats but high in omega 3, easily digestible, very high in protein, tastes amazing, local, vitamin D, very low in harmful chemicals

,,,,4. Kangaroo

Extremely lean, all wild-caught and sustainable, local produce, high in protein, excellent omega 3 ratio, high in iron, boosts the immune system, high in vitamin B, high in minerals

,,5. Grass Fed Steak

High quality protein, high in vitamin E and vitamin A, B vitamins, iron and zinc, high in creatine and has a better fat profile than grain fed, higher in Omega 3’s

,,6. Olive Oil – Fresh

Olive oil goes off in a couple of months, HUGE anti-inflammatory, rich in the best quality fats, HUGE amounts of antioxidants, super food *must be cold pressed and fresh the rest of the stuff you get in supermarkets may taste fine but it’s rancid

,,,,7. Coconut Oil – or MCT

High in good quality saturated fats, increases cognitive performance, fat burning, increases energy, promotes good cholesterol, anti-microbial, controls blood sugar

,,,,8. Grass-Fed Butter

Omega 3’s, good source of CLA, supports heart health, boosts weight loss, protects and improves eyesight, tastes amazing

,,,,9. Eggs – including duck eggs

High proteins, amazing amino profile, high in vitamins and selenium, good cholesterol, high in choline, high in Lutein and Zeaxanthin > Antioxidants, HUGE benefits for eye health, high in Omega 3’s

,,,,10. Almond Butter

High in antioxidants, High in magnesium, low GI, high in vitamin E, prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol, lowers cholesterol, makes you feel less hungry, tastes amazing, high in protein, healthy skin and healthy guts

,,,,11. Sweet Potato

Highly nutritious and delicious, promotes gut health, increases brain function, immune system, good quality carbohydrates, vitamin A

,,,,12. Butternut Pumpkin

Low in carb and you get so much out of it, so filling, high in fiber, vitamin E, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B 6, manganese, so high in potassium

,,,,13. Basmati Rice

Gluten-free, low fat, essential amino acids, folic acid, low sodium no cholesterol

,,,,14. Broccolini

High beta – carotene, promotes vitamin A in the body, anti-cancer and high in antioxidants

,,,,15. Purple Cabbage

So nutrient-dense, extreme vitamin C, powerful plant compounds, fights inflammation, heart health (anthocyanin), healthy bones > vitamin K, calcium manganese and zinc, anti-cancer properties and cost-effective

,,,,16. Brussel Sprouts

High in fiber, antioxidants, so nutrient-dense > extremely high in vitamin C and K, ALA Omega 3’s, reduce inflammation, mixes great in stir-frys

,,,,17. Green Beans

Heart-healthy, low fiber, lower LDL cholesterol, low sodium, low FODMAP (gas producing), contain protein, high in vitamins, high in calcium, iron, potassium and manganese

,,,,18. Celtic Salt

So mineral-dense and well balanced, lower in sodium to other salts higher in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium etc. Great alkaline PH levels. Great for hydration and cleanses

,,,,19. Banana

Fantastic to make pancakes with almond/coconut flour and a duck egg ;). Essential nutrients that aid in digestion, heart health and weight loss, so nutrient-dense, good for blood sugar levels, powerful antioxidants, unripe bananas improve insulin sensitivity, good energy

,,,,20. Lemon

Huge benefits in having 1 L of water in the morning with celtic salt and lemon. High in vitamin C and promotes heart health, weight control, prevent kidney stones, great with salmon and avocado, protect against anemia, improves digestion.

,,,,21. Almond Flour – or Hemp flour

Almond flour (great band for your buck), gluten-free, high in protein, rich in manganese, vitamin E, low saturated fats, low carb and high fiber, tastes great.

Hemp flour: high in omega 3’s, dietary fiber, high in vitamins and minerals, fresh aroma, very high in protein, vitamin E and mineral-dense, essential fatty acids, great for PMS and menopause symptoms, aid in digestion, essential aminos, very little fiber.

,,,,22. Manuka Honey

Wound healing, oral health, prevent gastric ulcers, improves digestion, extremely impressive amino acid profile, long shelf life, improve recovery, high in vitamins and minerals, restores glycogen, goes with everything and tastes amazing. (good with almond flour, hemp flour and banana pancakes)

,,,,23. Celery

Rich in nutrients, health aids digestion, vitamin A, K and potassium-rich, antioxidant-rich, reduce inflammation, low GI, alkalizing effect

,,,,24. Cos Lettuce

Vitamin C, A, K, folate and beta carotene-rich, high in magnesium, potassium and calcium

,,,,25. Cucumber

So high in nutrients, so high in antioxidants, hydrating, weight loss, good for bowel movements

,,,,26. Coconut / Almond milk

Coconut milk: Nutrient-dense especially manganese and selenium, saturated fats, great for weight loss and metabolism, MCT oils, good cholesterol, reduces inflammation

Almond Milk: Low in calories, low in sugar, tastes amazing, high in vitamin E and Calcium, high in potassium and often enriched with vitamin D.









































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