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  • The best bone broth comes in a goo type liquid
  • Bone broth is essential as it is packed with an amazing amount of nutrients and proteins combined with fats so the absorption is better
  • Bone broth is full of easily digestible collagen that prevents leaky gut
  • Scroll down to see Lee Ryans analogies for leaky gut
  • Bone broth is full of glycine and glycine is a super amino acid
  • Best of the Bone is the best bone broth on the market currently. It has the most appropriately prices, has multiple forms and ranges of flavours, it is also certified organic from grass fed cows and they cook their broth in old school methods that produce the best results and prevent any damage from happening to the delicious goo.

,,What is bone broth?

Bone broth is a broth made from bones, marrow and connective tissue that have been boiled over a long period of time melted down into a delicious liquid which is gold for the body.

,,,,How do you have it?

There are a few forms of bone broth:

  • Powder form
  • Goo type liquid form
  • Soup form

How to take:

  • Put a serving into a cup and drink like tea, although it tastes more like a soup.
  • Put into soups
  • Simply add on top of your food either in a sauce or as a dressing (pairs really well with meat and where salt is needed)

There are a few types of bone broth:

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Beef (grass fed is the good stuff)

In this article, I will be specifically be talking about beef bone broth that is grass-fed and been prepared ethically properly. This means we actually GET the benefits from the broth no short cuts or quality has been taken out of the process.

,,,,Why is bone broth good for you?

What is in Bone Broth:

  • 40% Collagen
  • Protein
  • Cartilage (CAG’s)
  • Glycine
  • Proline
  • Glutamine
  • Gelatin
  • Probiotics
  • Great omega 3 and 6 ratio
  • myeloid and lymphoid stem cells
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A and K
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • CLA (the best type of omega 6)
  • Glucosamine

Bone Broth Benefits

  • Heals leaky gut and IBS
  • Increases absorption
  • Supports joint and bone health
  • Increases bone density
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Very high anti-inflammatory
  • Improve immune system
  • Increase energy
  • Increases overall health
  • Extremely good for your skin and fascia
  • Detox liver
  • Wound healing
  • Production of plasma

There is a large amount of benefits listed here from what bone broth does. However, value from the broth does not just come from how many benefits it has. The value of the broth comes with how significant to health even just one of these benefits are. Example “Heals leaky gut and IBS” itself is so valuable to the human body.

Bone broth is also full of:

  • “Bone marrow which supports the immune system by carrying oxygen to cells in the body.
  • Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and generating energy.
  • The body uses collagen and other connective tissues in the broth to rebuild the damaged tissues like the intestinal lining.”

Kobe Byrant is a big supporter of bone broth….. Need I say more? I will anyway.


Ingesting bone broth feeds the body with collagen, collagen is the building block of cells to bones, ligaments, cartilage and your brain. One article states that “Gelatin, a form of collagen used in food, is used (among other benefits) to help digestion because the liquid gets absorbed into the body quickly and without much effort.” This makes bone broth incredibly valuable for people that struggle with food sensitivities and gastrointestinal disorders. “Bone broth and gelatin is usually very safe and tolerable for the body.”

Bone Broth

Essentially bone broth is easily digestible, full of amazing nutrients, fats and proteins and is extremely healing for your gut, skin, brain, body and eye health.

Bone broth is so good because of the variety and combinations of substances that is in it. I find I usually buy supplements and vitamins in their singular forms as I like to get the benefit from the product. This is where the broth gets its super power.

In the book “Genius Foods” by Max Lugavere he explains how fats are the transporter of nutrients and hormones to the brain. Bone broth has this almost perfect substance list where the amount and quality of each specific substance is extremely valuable to the brain and body.

These substances are:

  • Collagen
  • Glycine
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Omega 3’s and 6’s (the fats)
  • Probiotics

As these goodies are combined and ingested with the good fats in the broth, your body can use them and transport them to the brain. These means your brain is using and absorbing these nutrients increasing your brain’s ability to send signals around your body efficiently. This results in the healing and energy your body requires to perform well at anything.

,,What is Leaky Gut and How Does the Broth Help

Figure 1

Lee Ryan used a perfect analogy to explain leaky gut. Figure 1 is a diagram of leaky gut, it shows:

  • The bloodstream at the bottom of the photo
  • The stomach walls that are lined up together perfectly on the left hand side showing a healthy non leaky gut
  • The fingers on top of the walls which help food move around get absorbed
  • The little black things on the right hand side which are essentially little missiles.These missiles can be pathogens, bad foods, sugar, grease or bad fats, bacteria or any other harmful substances (e.g. alcohol).

The stomach walls are the bodies first immune system barrier that prevents diseases and infections. The blood stream is the back up immune system that sends all types of good immune cells to fight any foreign or bad cells that get through the leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a symptom of the stomach walls separating due to poor food choices and stress. The little missiles are bad cells that often come bad substances we ingest attack the fingers and the walls, open up gaps and get directly into the bloodstream. You can see this in Figure 1.

This is where the back up immune system has to kick in and fight off these cells or potential diseases and infections.

If your immune system is not running efficiently, it can be overwhelming for the body to try to fight off these bad cells. Hence, it is more of a struggle for you to recover and your risk of getting sick or causing damage to yourself increases.

Bone broth comes into play and supports leaky gut as it has such an easily digestible form of collagen.The collagen reduces the rate at which the walls become susceptible to the missiles. It does this by preventing ‘inflammation triggers’ from being able to penetrate the stomach walls by strengthening the cells inside and around them.

Putting it in simpler terms it reduces inflammation around the stomach walls and makes the walls stronger.

Therefore, bone broth has its strongest effects when the gut is already strong and healthy.

If this doesn’t convince you to get on to this broth of the gods nothing will.

,,Bodybuilders are Body Healers

I love to say that bodybuilders are body healers, why? To gain any muscle your body must firstly be able to heal itself. If your body can heal itself any damage sustained from resistance training your muscles will grow.

Bone broth increases muscles size and performance.

Bone broth is a natural food that is more nutrient dense than most vitamins or supplements you can buy. Because bone broth is a food your body absorbs it more efficiently than synthetic vitamins and supplements, hence, I like to term bone broth as a SUPER SUPPLEMENT.

It helped me through a whole competition prep and I do not give it enough credit for the health, energy and body that I produced during that time.


Glycine is heavily abundant in bone broth. Glycine is the most effective amino that your body uses to create hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in your blood to your muscles, tissues and organs and transports carbon dioxide back to your lungs which you then breathe out. Decreased hemoglobin levels means less oxygen supply to your muscles when your performing. Good hemoglobin levels means bigger pumps and more energy in your working muscles.

Glycine stimulates and supports human growth hormone, it is the main protein in collagen and it helps prevent muscle deterioration and improves muscle recovery.

Glycine is elite. A quick google will blow your mind.

,,,,,,,,Best of the Bone

Best of the Bone have the best product on the market I have currently found. It is not in a powdered form and it comes in the good goo type. This means the bones and marrow have been slowly boiled down and then packaged without any other processing.

I also think they have the best flavour options. One option is even mixed with medicinal mushrooms. Best of the Bone Compared to other companies also give you the best bang for your buck (volume for price).

The Best of the Bone goo liquid is more advanced than the powdered products available as the powders are of course, in short, denatured products. For a gut/digestive health food the denatured products is simply not ideal. It is also extremely hard to find powders and other broths that are from purely grass-fed certified sources that do not add fillers like yeasts, tapioca and colour.

Other brands have tried to copy Best of the Bone by purchasing their goo from a Korean company that do not use grass-fed happy cows but claim to be otherwise. These brands also cook their bones at extreme heat under extreme pressure (PSI). This is a great way to destroy some of the nutrients and amusingly almost the same way you make glue (I don’t know about you but I do not want to eat glue). Companies that do not make their products from grass fed cows usually use cows that are either fed grain and other substances. This causes the cows guts to inflame (leaky gut) making them susceptible to catching diseases and infections and if you ingest diseased and infected this it will damage you too. Hence, why these companies have to use things like antibiotics, high pressure and temperature cooking methods.

Best of the Bone are amazing as they stick to the old-fashioned method of making broth which is using an old Parisienne cookie school recipe circa 1890s, of slow-cooking marrow bones.

Bone broth is a whole food and whole foods are more efficient at stimulating post exercise recovery and has overall improvements in diet quality.

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