Transform Your Life in Just 12 Weeks Using This Method


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Start of another year and your setting those lofty goals to achieve this YEAR and spending hours thinking about all the things you would be able to achieve with the right discipline and routine for 12 months

Now imagine we’re a month into 2023 you can already feel yourself starting to lose track of those MASSIVE goals you have set…

  • Starting to skip your daily weights session
  • Not reading that self help book you wanted to have finished in the first fortnight of the year
  • Staying up late even when you promised yourself better sleep this year

This is because it’s hard to fathom the work required for annually set goals!

Instead, breaking the year down into 12 week blocks systematically allows you to:

  • keep track of your progress easily
  • visualise and understand your progress more
  • really focus on 3-4 goals at a time (not a year’s worth)

This method allows you to go all in on your goals for 12 weeks, use a scorecard and then reward yourself with a small break before you begin your next 12 week journey

In this video I break down masterclass we had running through this goal setting and goal achieving method

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