#28 STRESSED AS F**K! Everything To Know ABout Stress & Cortisol

Hi everyone today I DIVE DEEP into STRESS & CORTISOL. This is some key knowledge we should have learnt in school. I go into what stress and cortisol is and the importance of being able to recognise it and what to do about it. It’s just so simple. You can find the link to the STRESS & CORTISOL article here: Stress & Cortisol Article: https://www.coreyboutwell.com/post/st… Podcast links: ► Coffee Article: https://www.coreyboutwell.com/post/co… ► Stress & Cortisol Article: https://www.coreyboutwell.com/post/st… ► Sleep Article: https://www.coreyboutwell.com/post/sl… ► Hydration Article :https://www.coreyboutwell.com/post/hy… Please share, like, comment or forward this onto someone who may need it. Big love Corey

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