#32 Fasting Saved My Dad’s Life & It Could Save Yours Too with Kevin Boutwell

Fasting Saved My Dad’s Life & It Could Save Yours Too ABOUTWELLBEING PODCAST #32

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In this podcast Kevin Boutwell (my Dad) shares the story of how fasting saved his life and how he has a goal of achieving eight 72 hour fasts every week for 8 weeks in a row and totalling eleven 72 hour fasts in a few months.

During this podcast Kevin had only done 3-4 72 hour fasts but has been doing 24 hour fasts once a week for the whole year of 2020.

He has lost weight, regained sex hormones, removed aches and pains, reclaimed his energy and happiness and is looking forward to living his absolute best life and it is all thanks to a good fasting practice.

Your could achieve this to all you need to do is listen in and if you are interested click on this link: https://aboutwellbeing.net/aboutwellb…

I hope you guys enjoy this podcast.

Big love

Corey & Kev
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