#32 Nikki Cassa – Accept & Develop Your Own Body, Mind & Spirit To Transcend Yourself

This podcast is for you if you value self improvement, neuroscience, making good decisions and overcoming the hurdles and demons life throws at you in order to simply be better. Nikki is a Women’s Online Holistic Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner, a WBFF Pro and a Posing Coach. Again, put your thinking caps on Nikki has been doing the work and her self awareness is nothing but impressive. I am sure you can learn alot about yourself by listening to her journey and some of her reflections. I sure know I did. Nikki Links ► Nikki Link Tree: linktr.ee/nikkicassa ► Nikki Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nikkicassa/… Please share, like, comment or forward this onto someone who may need it. Big love Corey

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