A Real Life Example of Healthy Relationship Communication #128 Chloé Bromage

Do YOU ever struggle in your relationship??


Do you keep attracting the wrong partners??

Majority of the time we can get frustrated at what we think is the other person, yet really we are just frustrated that we lack the skills to communicate how we feel.

We feel like the other person doesn’t understand us.

Which feels like they are not listening.

But, this is NOT the reality.

Here Chloé Bromage and I discuss all the communication skills and mindsets we have been practicing that YOU can apply to your relationships today.

We can honestly say that our relationship is nothing short of a fairy tale.

It has its ups and downs but here we demonstrate how to practice asking for ones own needs effectively.

If we can do it, you can too.

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Big Love, Corey & Chloé


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