Blood Test Benefits & Testosterone Results & What Mine Mean! ABOUTWELLBEING PODCAST #20

Hi everyone today I go through my recent blood test results. Here you will find out what a decent blood profile will tell you and tips you can use if you have any similar results. I also dive deep into my testosterone results and what I am doing about them. This podcast also gives you insight into what you can do with your health to be more optimised. You also learn how to think and approach your health which I think is really important. I hope you guys enjoy this podcast. What blood tests did I get: ► Total hormone panel, thyroid, homocysteine, B vitamins, vitamin D, sex hormone, full blood profile, full iron, profile, electrolytes, liver function, lipids, C-reactive protein, glucose and co Q 10. Big love Corey ————————————————————————- Podcast Discount Link ►ETERNUM LABS FOUND HERE: (Corey) ————————————————————————– Eternum Labs Health, longevity and performance supplements You can find my website and all my links here: Corey’s website Support the show ( VIEW MORE EPISODES

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