Dig Deeper To Find Your Authentic Values #105 Heston Russell

Do you truly know yourself?

When have you been put under so much pressure that you have had to dig deep into the inner layers of yourself and rely on your values to get you through?

Physical and mental challenges test your character. If you are not solid, physically, mentally and emotionally it’s going to make it harder for you to dig deep and accomplish your goals.

Find your authentic values to be a better version of yourself and don’t look back. Heston Russell has completed some of the most difficult missions for the Australian army leading teams to successful accomplishments.

He raises awareness for veterans and suicide preventions and has started the Australian Political Values Party which serves a very important message.

This podcast episode deep dives into the mind of an Australian special forces operator and he shares his vulnerabilities which have made him stronger than ever.

If you have ever needed a motivating and humbling podcast this is it!

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