How To Attract the ONE For You #157 Corey Boutwell

You feel like you’re starting to get everything in order in your life:

  • Good job
  • Amazing relationship with your family
  • Real friendships
  • Financially stable
  • Fit and healthy


You haven’t been able to hold space for any intimate partners, you’re always too “busy” or you feel like you attract the wrong type of people for YOU.

When you’re looking for your ideal holiday destination, you research endlessly to find something that’s going to suit you the best… the same applies when buying a new house or purchasing a new car.

Do you think as critically when finding someone to have a relationship with?

Take the time to dedicate some energy into writing out what your ideal partner is, their hobbies, their beliefs, their goals and their ideal qualities!

This will help you get clear on exactly who YOU need in order to attract this ideal partner!

Relationships require accountability, showing up everyday as the best version of you and staying integral in the way you act no matter what challenges are thrown your way!

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