How to Heal Generational Trauma With A Conversation #154 Corey Boutwell

Why being the best version of YOU will heal your parents ⬇️

You were born to HELP your parents grow as your kids will help you to grow.

✅ the patience
✅ discipline
✅ constant self reflection
✅ being able to hold space 

To HEAL myself I went HARD on the shadow work of exploring my parents.

I have had conversations with Dad about how we have almost punched on, both wanted to give up on life and why he wasn’t around as a kid, why he left my Mum and words CANNOT describe the clarity and sense of self it has given me.

I have discussed with my Mum EVERYTHING she has ever done to frustrate me and I now I know why, I don’t get frustrated I can just show her love.

Our parents as weird as it seems majority of the time do EVERYTHING out of love.

No one taught them how to be a parent.

No one taught them emotional intelligence or personal development.

I feel WAY more mature than both of parents I tease them about it.

But of course that will happen as their child I have learnt EVERYTHING they have needed to teach me at a really young age.

So MY role as their child is to TAKE THE TORCH and SMASH any limiting beliefs they have had and sprint with it so far they have no choice but to reflect on how THEY can grow.

Which I feel I have done already.

When you understand you maturing is SUPPOSED to surpass your parents and help them to grow and YOU take on a parental figure for them…..

You know you’re on the right path.

Because they need you to do that…… more than you could ever know.

The only thing that prevents you from doing that is your own ego.








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