How To Reclaim Your Self Confidence? #23

I believe this podcast so far is the best one I have done. If you need a confidence boost or to understand confidence you will learn all you need to know. I myself had multiple moments even just doing this podcast. God I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I Had to write an article for you so you could take away all the notes and resources. CONFIDENCE DECODED ARTICLE FOUND HERE:… According to my research confidence is a result of loving yourself cultivating your inner power which is therefore your confidence. Self love cultivates Inner Power = Confidence. Confidence is not a personality trait it is a skill which is a side effect of good health, progress and purpose. NOTE: MOMENTUM IS ALWAYS MOVING, CONFIDENCE MOVES WITH MOMENTUM I really really hope you guys enjoy this podcast and please share, like or subscribe if you found it handy. Big love Corey

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