When Emotions Need Acknowledgement #145 Glyn Money


In today’s fast paced world we often neglect our emotions as we think it will slow us down or impact our path to success!

As a modern man, leader, role model, business owner and as fathers, showing your emotions has often been labeled as weakness, non masculine and overall not fitting to the historical narrative we are led to believe.

Many of us lack that connection with our purpose, dreams and aspirations because we don’t allow ourselves to be present and truly FEEL the emotions deep within us.

This leads to a lack of motivation, lack of direction and an overall emptiness that will hinder our progress as modern leaders.

Allow yourself to take a moment, breathe and be completely aware of the impact you are having and can have on those around you!

Glyn made the perfect space for me to achieve this during this episode and I was completely overwhelmed.

Our emotions play a huge role in our lives so make sure you make space for them and feel them wholeheartedly!

Glyn is a master of this and it was a blessing having him return to the podcast after over a year!

Big Love, Corey & Glyn

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