Relationships Are The New Currency #162 Brandon Wescott


So you’ve heard the term “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” about 1000 times over the past 6 months and every time the same limiting beliefs show up:

“Those people just got lucky”

“I’ll never grow no matter who I surround myself with”

“There’s no way those people are actually successful”

Now your normal day looks like - going through the motions in your day to day tasks, staying up late scrolling on TikTok and doing 100 different tasks at once because you like to “feel busy”…

Your relationships are starting to suffer, you can’t communicate your true emotions to ANYONE and you’ve completely lost your motivation to fulfill whatever potential you’ve got 😟

The only way to truly start taking the control back in your life is first identify whether your relationships bring value to your life or not.

Do your close circle of “friends” lift you up OR do they shoot you down everytime you have a new idea?

Are you able to bounce growth minded ideas of your family during conversations?

You are a product of the 5 people you hold the closest to you!

Once you start to identify where you energy is going and how you can harvest it from those who bring value to your life… that dream life of a fulfilled potential doesn’t seem so far away does it?


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