3 Techniques To Go From Rocky To Rich In Your Relationships #158 Brooke Smith

How stressful is it, when no matter what you say it doesn’t get through to your partner?

You are either growing too quickly or you’re falling behind and now one of you is projecting their BS everywhere because of a conversation you’re withholding….

When you don’t have these conversations you end up not committing to your partner OR yourself which looks like:

► overworking
► Over controlling everything 
► Not allowing your partner to help or take the lead
► Fear of spending money
► Not looking after yourself 
► Sacrificing your dreams for a normal job

► Imagine being so confident in your skills to have to always be able to solve relationship issues and fall more in love after every altercation so you can go back to crush business and live an amazing life?

► Brooke Smith achieved more financial success, better relationship, empowered embodiment and a FRESH outlook on showing up in life with more self love and confidence after she finished a 1:1 mentoring container with me.

Here are some tips we use to have transform conversations:
► Know what 100% looks like so you stop procrastinating 
► Label how you feel before communicating to your partner
► Every time you experience feeling uncomfortable ask yourself “when was the first time I felt this?” And trace it back to a moment
► Do outrageous tasks like lay down in public to overcome your fear of being seen

After not seeing the results she wanted with her own clients, avoiding tough conversations with her partner and ending up burnt out at the end of each working week she knew it was time to take action in order to change the course she was on!

We would LOVE to help you use the power of your relationship so you can have the energy, and passion to achieve your ultimate goals so please send us a message or leave a comment below.

Big love
Corey & Brooke

► Brookes Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brooke_sm/

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