What My First Year In Business Taught Me #166


What you achieved in your life?

Or have you never taken the time ask yourself this question?

A lot of us are so busy looking for the next thing to do, the next goal to kick or the latest and greatest idea that’s going to take their business/life to the next level…

We lose sight of the learning we have experienced just to get where we are today!

There is a difference between reflecting and dwelling


  • allows you to learn from your journey
  • take the good and disregard the bad
  • take stock of what you’re actually capable of
  • see the power of a purpose driven life


  • presents the questions of “what if?”
  • makes you feel like you could have done better
  • hindsight takes over, polluting your mind with negativity

Everything we do is a lesson, we never lose or fail, we simply learn

My aim is to share everything I have learnt along the way throughout my first year of business and inspire you to chase your dreams, align with your purpose and grow throughout your own hero’s journey

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