Why Your Worth More Money than You Think | Eli Dangerfield #141


This is what everyone who craves to feel successful needs to have a thriving personal and financial life.True passion, self trust and an ability to be disciplined to say NO to everything and everyone who told you, YOU CAN’T DO IT.

Eli Dangerfield is a young Entrepreneur who has made millions of dollars online who LITERALLY started from the bottom sacrificing health having heart attacks at 19 in order to succeed.But he did, and he is still pushing.

THE LESSONS taught in this episode teach you from how to sort YOU OUT so that you can sort YOUR FUTURE OUT.

The capacity of your growth and potential is only limited by what you know, believe and don’t dare to do.We will get you to DO IT.Don’t waste another second not learning or resisting the call to dive into this and make a change.It is here it is now and this will literally change your life.Do what you came here to do.

This is a MUST LISTEN My goal is to help you learn something new so you can make better decisions!

Big Love, Corey & Eli

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  • Great Podcast, Eli is a stud and his mindset tips are incredible in this episode!


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