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  • ""Well lads, I have finished the final week. Truly been an awesome two months discovering things that I never knew! I believe Socrates said "True wisdom is knowing you know nothing", this is so relevant to me as I thought I had learnt everything I needed to before joining, but we are continuously learning. Awesome course and can't recommend enough.""

    Jake Bowler

  • “This whole course is literally the beginning of the rest of my life, and it's now one that is actually filled with purpose and direction. Truthfully, I'm in the infancy stage of serving who I want to and achieving the greatness I know I am destined for, however the vision and goals are clearer than ever before! Thanks so much.”

    Dylan Pascoe

  • “We are done! That was intense but one of the most fulfilling weeks of the course. It was so good to sit down and visualise the life of myself living my purpose. I am pushing myself to go all out to challenge myself and learn as much as possible before I bring it all back into consciousness, find what works for me and my life and implement the balance."

    Cameron Drew

What our clients are saying...

We've got the best community, stacked-full of success stories. If ALL of these people can go down the path of the hero, and become the most radiant, effective and powerful people they know, nothing is stopping you from being next. Do you DARE to start your new Hero Journey?

“I am confident that I now have all the tools that I need to overcome everything and truly win in life.”

“From the start to the end, I got so excited learning about unlocking my energetic capacity."

“Thank you so much for changing my life brother, I f*cking mean it! I’ve under-paid you. It’s cheap as chips and amazing!”

“I’m now more confident in making my own choices and decisions. Life is only getting better and better.”

"I’ve unlocked a new life. Group chat was so valuable, a real brotherhood of lads.”

“I’ve paid thousands for therapy to learn the understanding I got so fast with this. I really know myself now!”

“I wish I had done this earlier. It’s so fantastic. For me, It’s helped me sharpen every element of my life.

“This stuff works. I am able to overcome things that are holding me back and become more effective and efficient in my life."

“Before OTC I felt lost and torn in life. After the program I truly feel more driven, I’ve got direction, and I’ve got a simple roadmap to get there. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel enlightened. Higher up in life!”

“Super powerful. Wow. Week 5 alone, I finally came to terms with why I do the things I do. You cannot put a price on understanding your brain like that. There will be a week for you too, where you unlock some absolute gold. Invaluable! Thank you Corey!”

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