Discover how to truly find your purpose and unlock your full potential. Most people are stuck in a perpetual cycle of complacency. Don’t fall into the trap. Level up and overcome. Become an active member in our high-level network that will instill within you a new mindset, elite self-control and a renewed lease on life! Your first time investing in yourself? It's time to dive in!

First things first...

This program isn't your usual just come in and watch some videos. This program will WAKE you up and you will experience moments where your mind will be blown! This is not a game. 

We go so deep.

This program is NOT:

Some NLP course where your just given a bunch of information

Regurgitating information you can get from somewhere else

Worth it to just skim through quickly and hope for the best

Some basic surface level personal development

The Journey Begins

The most common feedback we receive is:

"This is the deepest most impactful course I've ever done"

Imagine a new journey... custom made for the modern man (you) who needs to unravel his shadow and take action continuing their process through manhood and leadership.

I always get asked: "How did you get to where you are now?" ... and I say "that's easy, I found my purpose".

Let me explain. Before we die we always ask the question; "Is what I'm doing right now making me happy?". It's quite common that we have moments where we experience happiness... but it's never consistent.

It's time to take control, overcome the chaos, and achieve true internal harmony. Only then can you truly unlock your full potential.

Reach your full potential

We need to find meaning & fulfilment through reaching our full potential. We will never start moving towards the next stage in life if we understand our unconscious shadow or our true purpose. This puts you in a POWERFUL position that others do not understand. It's intimidating to normal people knowing your purpose, so they try to drag you down.

That is your test, role and responsibility to radiate with excellence, integrity and powerful self-worth to inspire others who need you. People will literally see you as a different person... because you will be. You will come out of OTC a brand new conscious human, surrounded by other peak-performers who won't let you get complacement and fall off.

Two kinds of people join OTC

Whether you’re a Business Owner or Modern Leader (in your own right) you will learn the processes that will challenge your strength and stretch your capacity to realize your complete potential. Nothing will hold you back anymore. Which person are you?

Person 1

You are a Business Owner who has worked so hard to achieve success but deep down there's something missing. After all your efforts you still feel lost, exhausted, your relationship situation sucks and you don't know what to do so you end up just DOING more work! And for some reason you just CAN'T protect yourself.... from yourself. You've been waiting for an opportunity to completely change but you haven't seen anything that resonates with you. Well this is it... YOUR TIME IS NOW!

Person 2

You're a Modern Leader who knows that your balance of personal and professional life is dissatisfying. Your routine, energy, communication skills, enthusiasm for life, discipline and your WHY is a mess. You have dabbled in some of this work but nothing has really changed. And now you're sick of it, ready to meet new people to be held accountable to start taking action. You value leaving a legacy and being absolutely cracked OPEN to being the BEST version of yourself.