Anything Is Possible When..


We live & breathe being at your best & positive accountability

- Be a better leader & embrace change

- Connect with others & be a better partner

- Obtain a new mindset & achieve more success

- Create more energy, confidence & intelligence

Your Network is Your Networth....

We live in the modern world where Problems but the solutions are so SIMPLE.

- Master your relationship skills

- Master your routine

- Master your mind

- Master your business & finances

- Create your most desired future

Our community will help you open your mind and shift your perspectives to achieve your goals.

Know that no matter how lofty & audacious your goals are we will get you there.

Not Everyone Has The Determination to Master Their..



1. Surround yourself with those who are levelling up

2. Invest in yourself to prioritise yourself

3. Have those conversations that seem tough

4. A few thousand NO's get you to a few sacred YES's

This is why I created this membership to get you into the right gear so you can have more success in all areas.

This is your opportunity to put yourself in the best position to live up to your own expectations and inspire others.

See what our MEMBERS are saying

The passion, drive, and ambition I've seen come from our group has been second to none. This is what our amazing members are saying about being a part of this life-changing brotherhood...

  • ""Well lads, I have finished the final week. Truly been an awesome two months discovering things that I never knew! I believe Socrates said "True wisdom is knowing you know nothing", this is so relevant to me as I thought I had learnt everything I needed to before joining, but we are continuously learning. Awesome course and can't recommend enough.""

    Jake Bowler

  • “This whole course is literally the beginning of the rest of my life, and it's now one that is actually filled with purpose and direction. Truthfully, I'm in the infancy stage of serving who I want to and achieving the greatness I know I am destined for, however the vision and goals are clearer than ever before! Thanks so much.”

    Dylan Pascoe

  • “We are done! That was intense but one of the most fulfilling weeks of the course. It was so good to sit down and visualise the life of myself living my purpose. I am pushing myself to go all out to challenge myself and learn as much as possible before I bring it all back into consciousness, find what works for me and my life and implement the balance."

    Cameron Drew

What this community delivers

Monthly & Fortnightly Live Training (Group)

Hot Seats 🔥🪑

Exclusive Community & Networking Forum

Private Online Guest Speaking Events

Education on the 4 pillars to Set The Standard

Weekly Email & Book reccomendations


Whats Involved

Let me show you some of what's included when join Modern Leaders Academy

An opportunity for a group discussion led by Corey Boutwell. This will be your chance to contribute, give feedback, discuss popular forum topics and participate in some key learnings facilitated by the coaches. These calls will not be recorded.

To explain a Hot Seats is to imagine harnessing the power of small elite group to solve ALL your problems instead of doing it all by yourself so that you can get that absolute certain to make well thought out decisions. How amazing would it be to whenever you come across a roadblock, a hurdle, a moment where you know you could do better but ONLY IF YOU KNEW what to do to get there. The amazing thing is we create regular MASTERCLASSES to ensure all members have EVERY RESOURCE to not have to worry about going to a million different places or having to research all of the internet to find a simple strategy, mindset or tool that just works for business, mindset, relationships and body.

As MY network grows YOUR network grows. Through podcasting and coaching some of the worlds finest we bring in, on a regular basis, industry leaders to do live presentations. You get access and opportunity to meet, greet, learn and ask questions to these people.

We believe and pride ourselves on having one of THE BEST collaborative communities in the industry. Our network is your network. We lift each other up, connect inside and outside the group. You never know, who you most need to help you get to your goal is probably inside our door. Take advantage of our forum, group calls, and directory to connect. Relationships are a currency.

Know thyself is critical to becoming them best version of YOURSELF. So we provide consistent new online training and live lectures so that YOU can learn what you MOST need to achieve. You have a say in WHAT WE TEACH and due to our values of collaboration we will help you get to where you need most to go with accuracy. We give all members the chance to vote and collaborate on our teachings to not only be accurate but to share exposure for valuable skills, lessons and tools. Are you in?

Imagine, trying your hardest and not being judged for the mistakes, having someone positive to talk to that has your back and can highlight your weaknesses and ensure your always taking the next step forward and questioning your goals so you don't get distracted. Well, you don't have to imagine anymore. This is literally our ethos. Welcome to the good life.

What you could experience

“I am confident that I now have all the tools that I need to overcome everything and truly win in life.”

“From the start to the end, I got so excited learning about unlocking my energetic capacity."

“Thank you so much for changing my life brother, I f*cking mean it! I’ve under-paid you. It’s cheap as chips and amazing!”

“I’m now more confident in making my own choices and decisions. Life is only getting better and better.”

"I’ve unlocked a new life. Group chat was so valuable, a real brotherhood of lads.”

“I’ve paid thousands for therapy to learn the understanding I got so fast with this. I really know myself now!”

“I wish I had done this earlier. It’s so fantastic. For me, It’s helped me sharpen every element of my life.

“This stuff works. I am able to overcome things that are holding me back and become more effective and efficient in my life."

“Before OTC I felt lost and torn in life. After the program I truly feel more driven, I’ve got direction, and I’ve got a simple roadmap to get there. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel enlightened. Higher up in life!”

“Super powerful. Wow. Week 5 alone, I finally came to terms with why I do the things I do. You cannot put a price on understanding your brain like that. There will be a week for you too, where you unlock some absolute gold. Invaluable! Thank you Corey!”

Take Action & Extreme Ownership

You may know its time to take action when:

- You have let go of a business

- You're not sure whats next for you

- If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck

- You keep getting distracted doing the little tasks

- You're not living to your highest values

- You're not growing as quickly as you like

- It feels a bit lonely doing everything yourself