Moving through life, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of what is truly important. It is only when we take the time to step back and assess our lives that we can begin to see the larger picture. It is only when we strive to reach our full potential that we can find true meaning and fulfilment.

Lead A Limitless Life

Our iconic Hero Journey program is all about helping you to create a fulfilled and limitless life. It's designed to help you discover your true potential as a man, allowing you to truly find meaning and purpose in your life.

This program will take you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you to overcome challenges and unleash your inner hero. We dive deep into understanding why things unfold in your life, and how to take charge, being proactive, rather than solely reactive.

Along the way, you'll learn new skills and strategies for living an inspired life. So what are you waiting for? Start your Hero Journey today! Transform your life and become the hero of your own story.

Unlock Your True Purpose

We all have a desire to find meaning and fulfilment in our lives. However, many of us go through life without ever truly understanding our full potential.

We allow our unconscious shadow to hold us back from reaching our full potential. As a result, we never start moving towards the next stage in life. But if we can understand our true purpose, we can put ourselves in a powerful position that others do not understand.

When we reach our full potential, we can find the meaning and fulfilment that we desire. So let's start moving towards the next stage in life by understanding our true purpose. Only then can we achieve the success and happiness that we deserve.

See what clients are saying

After serving hundreds of amazing clients in our Hero Journey program, we've got testimonials for days. The passion, drive, and ambition I've seen come from our group has been second to none. See what some of our happy clients are saying about being a part of this life-changing program...

  • ""Well lads, I have finished the final week. Truly been an awesome two months discovering things that I never knew! I believe Socrates said "True wisdom is knowing you know nothing", this is so relevant to me as I thought I had learnt everything I needed to before joining, but we are continuously learning. Awesome course and can't recommend enough.""

    Jake Bowler

  • “This whole course is literally the beginning of the rest of my life, and it's now one that is actually filled with purpose and direction. Truthfully, I'm in the infancy stage of serving who I want to and achieving the greatness I know I am destined for, however the vision and goals are clearer than ever before! Thanks so much.”

    Dylan Pascoe

  • “We are done! That was intense but one of the most fulfilling weeks of the course. It was so good to sit down and visualise the life of myself living my purpose. I am pushing myself to go all out to challenge myself and learn as much as possible before I bring it all back into consciousness, find what works for me and my life and implement the balance."

    Cameron Drew

Here’s what’s included

Let me show you some of what's included when you get accepted into Hero Journey as one of our valued clients. You get access to the following, and more...

A blunder, a happening or the start of an awakening of the self, the familiar life horizon has finally been outgrown. Ideals, emotional patterns and old concepts no longer fit you, your environment or situation and it is time to lean in to a new adventure. The only problem is when, where, how and why. Temptations, your comfort zone, your identity, relationships or attachments hold you back. This is where you will learn the underlying motivations of taking action as a science. Why and how people either move forward or don’t. What to look for in your own and others lives and make accurate predictions to your own and others stories.

The favourite phase of the hero where one is to overcome chaos and develop skills, character, wisdom and relationships that support their journey. Career, health, relationships, purpose, family and impact are all areas where we are tested. We win and celebrate or we lose and learn. So why do we go through these processes? This is where we are supposed to ENJOY the journey. We get so caught up with the goal or trying to FIND the goal that we forget every failure or lesson helps us to qualify as humans. The endeavours we set out on are what make us who we are. What are you made of? What makes you worthy to be you? How can you be a leader for others? This will not only show you your own worthiness but also help you to be a better mentor, coach, leader and asset to those you love or support.

The part of the journey everyone FORGETS or doesn’t know how to proceed through. Prospering, commitment and giving back is an essential part of developing a true sense of an inner King or Queen. In our fast paced world we think if we are not being challenged we are not growing or contributing. This is where the real contribution, leadership and camaraderie begins. To truly become a master of your goals or intention puts you in a position to share you unique gift to the world. However, the world usually does not know that it NEEDS it and the world needs convincing to actually want it. There is always a barrier of entry to overcome to be in a position to give. “DO I DARE? or DO I JUST KEEP ON DOING?”, when you are called to a new horizon and you say yes it’s up to you to get there. You will get there if you have the will and it could be easy or hard. There is always a possibility of a fiasco, but there is also the possibility of bliss.

You are on multiple Hero Journey’s at once all apart of a grander Hero Journey. To grow old without understanding why you have done what you have done or not knowing what you TRULY desire to strive for leads to personal crises. The middle aged human being is not a hobby. It’s a commitment to what is beyond. The western world filled with its powerful automated machines that complete ON DEMAND results or gratification distractions the hero from responsibility. Yet the modern world creates an illusion that we are OBLIGED to have results and have them now. This dampens our emotional response creating a yearning for adventure only to know that we have grown old and missed it. This is how you learn, TRULY learn to LIVE your own story or understand how someone else is simply living theirs. How do you apply the Hero Journey to yourself and others is a secret TRUE leaders know subconsciously. Time to make the unconscious conscious and master you’re madness.

Here you will learn how conscious men apply the first Chapter of the Hero Journey to their own and others lives. What language is spoken, what questions are asked and how the Hero Journey is reflected in the mind. What are the follow on questions for the application of the Hero Journey.

What are the tests and trials modern people face? How do they overcome them and what are the realisations? How do leaders use this phase of the Hero Journey to inspire others? This discussion will show you how modern leaders apply the trials and tests of The Hero Journey to practical situations and self awareness.

How do we show up as rulers of our kingdoms? How do we ensure we create our kingdoms and what does it look like? Mastering your own environment and space requires commitment and understanding the Return and Reintegration Journey. Here you understand the struggles modern man faces to get there. All the frustrations in this part of the journey are imagination, creation, self belief, will power and a clear process for commitment. Death of the Hero Birth of the King.

How do individuals apply the Hero Journey to their own lives? How do they apply them to others lives? You can honestly predict all trials, ordeals, victories and necessary processes in any individuals life when you understand the Hero and The Hero Today. This is where you get to see people APPLY this ancient wisdom to the modern world. Our challenges are different to the Hero’s of old but the SAME theory and concepts still APPLY. This discussion is the GOLD in the deepest darkest dragons lair. Do NOT miss this one.

Every book I have read to apply this ancient wisdom and modern science to an individual is here. If you wish to embark on this journey and get REALLY clear on what YOU MOST need to know. Watch this video and choose the knowledge best for you to absorb.

Here is where you get an opportunity to speak to either myself of one of our coaches on YOUR OWN Hero Journey. To have a professional be the mirror you need to apply this essential wisdom is a gift any individual ought to receive. In order to truly pin point what is next, one ought to know the opportunities that present themselves….. DO YOU DARE?

What this course delivers

Self-directed curriculum for adult learning

Lifetime access to the portal

​In-depth group recordings on each chapter

​​High level knowledge made into easy steps

​Create your own Hero Journey

​​Resources to fill in the knowledge gaps

​​​Extended readings

​​​​Exclusive opportunities upon completion

What you could experience

We've got the best community, stacked-full of success stories. If ALL of these people can go down the path of the hero, and become the most radiant, effective and powerful people they know, nothing is stopping you from being next. Dyou DARE to start your new Hero Journey?

“I am confident that I now have all the tools that I need to overcome everything and truly win in life.”

“From the start to the end, I got so excited learning about unlocking my energetic capacity."

“Thank you so much for changing my life brother, I f*cking mean it! I’ve under-paid you. It’s cheap as chips and amazing!”

“I’m now more confident in making my own choices and decisions. Life is only getting better and better.”

"I’ve unlocked a new life. Group chat was so valuable, a real brotherhood of lads.”

“I’ve paid thousands for therapy to learn the understanding I got so fast with this. I really know myself now!”

“I wish I had done this earlier. It’s so fantastic. For me, It’s helped me sharpen every element of my life.

“This stuff works. I am able to overcome things that are holding me back and become more effective and efficient in my life."

“Before OTC I felt lost and torn in life. After the program I truly feel more driven, I’ve got direction, and I’ve got a simple roadmap to get there. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel enlightened. Higher up in life!”

“Super powerful. Wow. Week 5 alone, I finally came to terms with why I do the things I do. You cannot put a price on understanding your brain like that. There will be a week for you too, where you unlock some absolute gold. Invaluable! Thank you Corey!”

It's time to seek your own supernatural aid.

For those who DO NOT refuse the call it is common they are rewarded with supernatural help. For one is to trust in the journey, themselves and what is beyond themselves courageously.